Spring 2: Nature Detectives

Nature Detectives!

On our first day back at school we had an exciting Dig and Grow day. We went on a hunt to spot and name different types of plants and flowers in our school grounds. We also learnt about two types of trees - evergreen and deciduous! We identified and labelled the different parts of a plant which were roots, stem, leaves and petals.

In science we have learnt about the 6 different groups of animals: mammals, reptiles, fish, birds, amphibians and insects. We also looked at what the different animals might eat and grouped them into carnivores, herbivores or omnivores.

In art we have been learning about creating different textures: dots, curves, dashes, cross-hatching, zig-zags, hatching and shading. Some artists use pencils to add detail to their drawings. We used these textures when creating an observational drawing of a plant.

In literacy we wrote sentences about a garden animal using the facts we learnt in topic. We each put our fact page together and created a class non-fiction book on garden animals.

We have been doing maypole dancing in PE every Friday and it is really fun.

In maths we had an exciting lesson learning about capacity. We compared the capacity of containers by measuring in 'cups'. Next term we will learn how to measure in milliletres and letres.

Thank you to everyone who has completed their 'Share a Story' challenge or reading rainbow as it really does make a difference!

Homework reminder: Please remember to complete the topic homework which is to turn a soft toy into a superhero (using household items or old clothes - you do not need to buy anything). Also a reminder to keep practicing reading and spelling as much as possible.

Have a lovely Easter!

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