Spring 1: Land Ahoy

Land Ahoy!

We have had lots of fun in our Land Ahoy topic!

We created our own story character (a scary sea monster) that we went on to describe on 'BEWARE' posters! We also used this character to write story endings, trying hard to use full stops, capital letters and conjunctions (and, but, because, so, with etc.)

In history we learnt about Christopher Columbus and the significant event that took place. We compared the journey Columbus went on to that of Neil Armstrong in 1969. We learnt a lot of facts!

We carried out a floating and sinking science investigation to see which materials would be best to create a pirate ship. We had fun testing different materials and learnt about why some materials float and others sink.

In art we have been learning about sculptures and how to create different textures with tools. Take a look at our fantastic clay sea creatures!

May 2018


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